UD8350U/LU - Mitsubishi


6500lm High Brightness

High Brightness
The UD8350U, delivers a super bright 6500 lumen images, brightness level for presenting in large meeting rooms and conference halls.
High Image Quality
Cutting-edge Technologies Reproduce Strikingly Sharp Images

Super Resolution

The UD8350U Series is equipped with Mitsubishi Electric's industryleading, advanced image-processing algorithm, which is also used in our televisions and displays. The technology analyzes blurred components in the original images, estimates high-resolution data not provided in the original signal and corrects the image quality. The result is the projection of sharp, vivid images such as people's faces in fine detail.
Durable and Reliable—Continuous 24/7 Use Capability

High Reliability
Durable and Reliable—Continuous 24/7 Use Capability

The dual lamp system and lamp relay function enable continuous operation with no risk of the image going out. Dust resistance and cooling performance are greatly enhanced by the automated self-cleaning filter and heat-pipe cooling system technologies that have proven so successful in air conditioners, enabling extended continuous use for monitoring and digital signage applications.
Durable and Reliable—Continuous 24/7 Use Capability
Various Lamp Relay Options

Continuous, bright projection is ensured through the utilization of a dual-lamp light source and a variety of setting options. When two lamps are in use, one of the lamps can be rested (turned off) once a day or week. Additionally, if only one lamp is being used and it goes out, an automatic back-up function activates the other lamp, enabling nonstop projection.

Automatic Cleaning Filter
For the UD8350U Series, we've utilized the same mechanism (mesh filter and cleaning brush) that has a proven track record in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and air purifiers is utilized. It automatically prevents dust from building up in the radiator of the heat-pipe cooling unit for the digital micromirror device (DMD), thereby ensuring trouble-free use for extended periods of time.
Heat-pipe Cooling System

Compared to liquid-based cooling systems, this heat-pipe cooling system has a simplified structure and does not require a power supply, enabling a more compact design and cost reductions. Not only is it highly reliable, other benefits include exceptional energy savings, quiet operation and elimination of concerns regarding liquid leaking.

Long 4000hrs Lamp Life
Designed with a lamp temperature controlling system, the UD8350U Series can support an estimated lamp rating of up to 4000 hours. The long estimated lamp life makes dramatic reductions in overall cost of ownership by decreasing the frequency of lamp replacements.




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