grandMA1 ultra-light


 Software Specification
Protocols: DMX-512A, MA-Net, Art-Net, Pathport, Portall, Strand Shownet, Midi Show Control, ACN-ready
Parameters: 2,048
(up to 16,384 with Parameter Expansion
via NSPs)
Cues: virtual unlimited
Sequences: 999
Effects: 899
Groups: 999
Presets: 8,991
Dimmer Profiles: virtuel unlimited
User Profiles: 32
User Interface (Hardware)
Executor Faders: 10 manually operated
Executor Buttons: 20
Rotary Encoders: 4
Trackball: 1 (integrated)
User Interface (Software)
Playback Fader: 10x 128 pages
Playback Fader Buttons: 30x 128 pages
Playback Buttons : 20x 128 pages
Physical Input / Output
Network: 100 base TX, RJ45
(EtherCon on request)
DMX-512A: 2x OUT, 1x IN
MIDI: 1x OUT, 1x IN,
Time Code: 1x SMPTE (LTC, MTC)
RS232: 2x DB-9 (restricted)
Keyboard: 1x PS2
Mouse: 1x PS2
Printer Port : 1x parallel
VGA: 2x DB-15
USB: 2x Type A DC-Remote: 1x DB-25
Sound Input: 1x 6.3mm jack (sym.)
Internal Screen: 1x TFT Touchscreen
External Screen: 1 VGA + 1 (same as internal)
Size: 635 x 157 x 490 mm
(25 x 6.2 x 19.3 inches)
Weight: 12.9 kg / 28.5 lbs
Operating System: VxWorks
Main Board CPU: VIA, 800MHz
Main Memory: 256MB
Hard Drive: 20GB minimum
Floppy Drive: 1.44MB
Power Supply: 90-230V, 50-60Hz, 100VA
Advanced Features
• Max. 16 consoles networked as Multi User, offering virtual partitioned areas (“Worlds”)
• consoles in the same session are automatically a backup system
• Max. 64 DMX universes with 16 NSPs
• Auto-Save function
• Oops function (undo up to 20 commands)
• Recall commands direct from command line
• Supports 6 PDA remotes via Wireless LAN
• FTP file server support and remote file backup functions
• Complete suite of accessory PC software
• grandMA – the DVD interactive training DVD complete with tutorials
Detailed Software Features
• Multi-User programming
• “Worlds” feature provides virtual partitions between control areas for different users
• Full Tracking Backup between consoles
• Playback tracking for up to 16 consoles
• Sophisticated Effects generation
• Automatic chase creation with MATricks
• Fixture replacement while preserving programming
• Automatic cloning of additional fixtures or ranges of fixtures extends throughout all cues and presets in the show
• Auto-Save
• Partial show read
• Color Picker visual color selector
• Gobo thumbnails appear on preset keys
• Matrix programming with imported bitmaps
• Multiple user profiles and logins (at various security levels)
• Integrated wire frame visualizer
• Stage movement in XYZ coordinates
• Blind Editing & Blind Programmer
• ASCII Show Read / Write
• DMX IN or Art-Net IN
• Virtual Playback
Parameter Expansion
Large shows may require more control channels than a single console can handle. Instead of virtually linking the outputs of multiple consoles, grandMA offers true expansion of a single console’s parameter capacity. Up to 16,384 individual parameters in both 8bit and 16bit resolution are controlled and displayed on a single grandMA console, with a maximum of 64 discrete DMX universes on the network. When configured in parameter expansion mode, the master console functions as a terminal interface: communicating and displaying locally – while all controlled parameters are processed externally by Network Signal Processors (NSPs).
Multi User
With its unique multi-user functionality, up to 16 consoles, offline applications like onPC, or grandMA 3D visualizer can be linked together on a network to control a single show. Multiple operators can work simultaneously without getting in each other’s way and with no need to merge their show files together afterwards. Each individual console can be operated independently.
Wireless Remote Control
Up six PDAs can function simultaneously as independent wireless remotes in the grandMA system. They can be used for remote focusing, cue editing, or even control of the complete show.
Accessory PC Software
• grandMA 3D (real-time visualization software)
• grandMA onPC (optimised for live control)
• grandMA remote (for Pocket PC remotes)
• grandMA video (media server application; integrates control and programming of video into the console)
• MA 2Port Node
Flush-mounted or Rig-mounted version




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